The Stone People: A Message From Dr. Sharon Martin

I first met stones when I was training in Peruvian shamanism.  At the onset of our course work, each of us had to begin to build our mesa (sacred medicine bundle) with three stones.  We were asked to start with a black, red, and yellow stone.  And we eventually built our mesa with 13 key stone players.  Of course, all of us suburban Westerners wanted something attractive – some special agate, piece of turquoise, shiny gemstone, radiant crystal.  However, at some time in the training, I hit a turning point.  I began to recognize the energetic power of the stones, beyond the immediate visual beauty.  I suppose I could say that I acquired a deep revelation and awareness of the immense power of stones, that I was a gifted student and therefore felt the Earth Wisdom of granite.  That would be oh-so very spiritually adept of me.  But, the truth more likely resides in the moments of humility and learning I had when I met Dona Bernadina, an Inca elder.  Her mesa had chunks of boulders, pieces of sacred mountains (apus), in nondescript greys and browns, nothing shiny nor glittery, just weighty and at times “ugly” rocks.  These were the helpers with whom she communicated.

We were gathered in a circle, intending prayers for the Earth.  The Andean Elders were going to initiate our mesas, one step towards us becoming energy workers.  And so, Dona Bernadina began a silent dialogue with her boulderites.  You could feel the intensity of the exchange building, the waves of power emanating out, as she began to do the tupanakhuy (sp? / Too-pah-nah-kwee) ritual.  She went around our circle, from one of us students to the next, each with our mesas of glittery colorful stones open on the floor in front of us.  At times, I thought I sensed a faint not-quite derision, but perhaps a smirk about our stones – that I interpreted as “these are mosquitos in the realm of eagles”.  She took one of her chunks of granite and tapped against each of our stones in turn, moving from one mesa to the next.  Tapped actually is too gentle of a word.  She lightly hammered each of our stones, sending instructions from her stone to ours, initiating our stones into the lineage of Khuyas (stones imbued with magic).  With each “bam”, I could feel her khuya talking to mine.  Unfortunately, some of our prissy citified beauties weren’t quite up to the task of becoming the sacred messengers that the chunks of apus were.  Some of these delicate mosquitos cracked under the strain of receiving of lineage energy.

Even though I had chosen some of my stones for vain, superficial reasons, I have to say I was quite relieved when my khuyas held up in the initiation.  And, since that time, I have developed a deeper relationship with them and others of the Stone world.  I learned how to tumble rough rocks and make polished beauties.  I started making beaded jewelry with spectacular pieces of ocean jasper, bronzeite, mookaite, turquoise, carnelian and the list goes on and on.   I spent a lot of time with my mesa, and found my intuitive capacity growing; and I came to learn that when I was linked with the Stone People my messages from Spirit came in more strongly.

In this COVID crisis, there is a level of collective fear that I have never before experienced in my life time.  The agitation and anxiety are palpable around me and, I admit, I have plenty of my own.  At times, the best of us is not showing up.  I have been testy at work, snapping over a computer system that is not user friendly, and grumbling about the schedule.  Luckily, when I arrived home each night, dropping my anxiety at the door (if possible), I was welcomed by my Stone People friends.  I would hold my favorite piece of amber and feel the pins and needles of disorganized chaotic energy drain from me, guided by my golden friend.

The Stone People are some of the strongest ambassadors of the Earth.  They carry two billion (that’s right – BILLION) years of molecular and energetic knowledge.  They come from the ancestral line of stardust.  I welcome you to meet the Stones, reconnect with the Earth, and remember your galactic ancestry.  Call on the Stone People to hold you strong and calm in crazy times, and be there for you again when the chaos has settled.