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The Party Continues as Doc Martin’s Book Soars the Charts!

Maximize Your Healing Power! Bridging the mystical and the scientific for Maximum Medicine
Maximize Your Healing Power: Shamanic Healing Techniques to Overcome Your Health Challenges by Dr. Sharon Martin

“Finally – A NEW, Innovative, 21st Century, Ground-breaking Book that Actually has Healing Power” – Dr. Pat Baccili

Dr. Sharon Martin’s book Maximize Your Healing Power: Shamanic Healing Techniques to Overcome Your Health Challenges, will change your life. This must read guide to self-healing bridges the divide between the Western approach to medical practices and the Shamanic Practices of Energy Healing. This page turner takes the reader on an empowering journey which teaches how we do have control over our health. As a psychic medium and intuitive, Dr. Martin’s approach to healing resonates and harmonizes with the healing messages I receive from the Afterlife Frequency during sessions. If all physicians adopted the approach taught in Maximize Your Healing Power the state of world health would be elevated to an unprecedented level of excellence, compassion and hope.

Dr. Sharon Martin maximize your healing power book logoMark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer, Author of the Bestsellers, “The Afterlife Frequency, Evidence of Eternity and Never Letting Go

There are books on healing and… there are BOOKs on HEALING! This is the latter. Dr. Sharon Martin not only asks us to “Walk with Her,” but invites us to “Heal with Her”.  She weaves a beautiful and powerful tapestry of the powerful interaction of humanity, science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom. This is a book about all that it says but it is so much more. It is an invitation to true freedom and to release the shackles of hopelessness for so many. This is the Metaverse of True Healing!

Across the board—from athletes training for major events to actors and actresses preparing for opening night. Musicians, businesspeople, administrators, educators and coaches. From college students to chronic pain clients, to overstressed husbands and wives, Doc Martin has had her doors open to her share of patients from all walks of live to give impetus for this book and a bigger message. As a board-certified physician of Internal Medicine doctor. Her craft and wisdom as a shaman and master of the mind through psychology has brought forth a contemporary solution to what is ailing so many people. On the inside and out.

You will love her insights on healing. But more importantly, you will step into a new level of empowerment as you learn about ground-breaking techniques and principles. She doesn’t stop there! For those of us who are visual, we are presenting with thought provoking and inspiring diagrams integrating the new and ancient; the empirical and the intuitive; the scientific and the spiritual; the innate and the experiential.

Dr. Sharon Martin maximize your healing power book logoDr. Pat Baccili, Ph.D., Founder/Owner, The Transformation Network, Host, The Dr. Pat Show

Keys to Healing from Around the World!

Dr. Sharon Martin gives us the keys to healing from around the world. Learn about exceptional techniques and principles — the ancient and new; the technical and intuitive; the medical and mystical; the tribal and traditional. They are all here for us to discover and to use. Most importantly, Dr. Martin introduces us to our own innermost healer, awakening the sublime shaman within us all!

Sharon Anne Klingler, , Author, Answers from the Ancestral Realms, Power Words

In her book, Dr. Sharon E. Martin turns your health challenges into health opportunities. This liberates your soul and body from the mind jail that we sometimes build for ourselves and/or from the result of society’s construct of isolation.

Maximize your whole potential, liberate your true inner self and claim the rebirth of your being. With accessible words of wisdom and practical rituals, Dr. Martin enlightens all of your cells and allows you to find a clear path to your healed Destiny. Your time is now, claim your freedom, your healing: claim your Re-evolution!”

Emmanuel Itier, Filmmakers

This is a book the world needs for understanding complete healing.

I especially recommend this book for people in the medical or healing fields that want to deepen their communication and their understanding of clients’ needs, in a very organized fashion. This book has real tools that can be used with every single client with tangible ways for every level of healing needed. If you want to “just” deepen the connection with your client, this is the book for you. This book can revolutionize the medical world.

Dr Georgia Herrera, , Owner Sacred Mother Healing Center

“Sharon Martin is one of the leading emerging voices in the energy healing field. She is both a shaman – one who enters the energy field to facilitate healing – and a board-certified internal medicine physician. Having experienced energy healing and other dimensions since an early age, she is uniquely equipped to present an integrated path that includes both approaches. Near the start of the book, she walks you through a typical patient visit to a hospital to dramatize just how broken the current medical system. She presents compelling case histories, such as one of two women with cancer, whose beliefs take them in different directions. Though she might order conventional Western medical tests for a patient, she equally investigates a patient’s soul contracts and energy. She calls this “maximum medicine.” The shamanic perspective is that the soul contracts with which you came into this life aren’t

The book has invitations to self-inquiry and shamanic exercises: one such encourages you to change the rules of the game. A superb contribution to the literature of the new paradigm in healing, this book is highly recommended for anyone seeking to understand every dimension of their health, and maximize their vitality.”

Dawson Church, , Award-winning author of The Genie in Your Genes

Given the tremendous advances in understanding the basis of disease along with diagnostic and treatment protocols, many medical professionals are tending to approach their craft from a purely scientific viewpoint. Dr. Martin opens our eyes and minds to see the whole person in front of us, not just a disease. Her holistic approach embodies the true art of practicing medicine beginning with maintaining an open mind to understand our patients. Then, she integrates healing of their mind, body and spirit. Maximize Your Healing Power should be included as required summer reading for students about to enter medical school. Or, for that matter ,any training in the healing arts. For those of us who are already entrenched in our medical careers, adopting Dr. Martin’s insights will allow us to see our patients again as if for the first time.

Jeffrey Mandak, MD, Cardiologist

This is definitely an ‘out of the box’ read designed for just this post Covid time. Dr. Martin’s query to her patients, “Is this the best you can be?” is an earthquake size challenge that is echoing deep within health systems around the globe. She boldly goes where few physicians dare to go, laying out with exquisite order and courageous simplicity a way forward. She draws on her own journey of expansion from the limits of Western medicine into the realms of Eastern wisdom. Here, body, mind and spirit are united. If you are ready, this book will show you how to achieve the kind of deep healing and reconnection our souls long for now.

Alison Normore, Ph.D., , Author of Return to Pangaea: A Shamanic Journey Back to Newfoundland Roots, shamanic practitioner, play therapist

With deep commitment and passion, Dr. Martin offers us a bridge to merge western medicine with shamanic and energy healing. This gives us new tools and perspective with our health and lives. She asks that we activate our consciousness and awareness (and connection to Spirit, God, Nature), and suggests that through this, we can affect our health and our lives. She offers great questions and tools, which can take us beyond the old beliefs that limit our expression and our health, and also opens us to possibilities we may not have yet seen.

Lynn Berryhill , Senior Faculty - The Four Winds, Shamanic Practitioner, Artist

“Maximize Your Healing Power is a timely and informative book offering practical techniques for blending shamanic healing practices with traditional medicine to maximize the body’s innate healing energy and take one’s power back to create shifts in health.”

Bryn Blankinship, CMHt, CI , The Regression Specialist Author of “The Limitless Soul”

Dr. Sharon Martin’s treatise, “Maximize Your Healing Powers,” is a laudable, new work written by a seasoned western physician with prior academic work as a physiologist and researcher. Unique in this work is the intimate yet conversational manner in which she shares her own personal journey. Dr. Martin narrates her path from conventional western scientist and clinician to a multidimensional healer. She adds concepts from indigenous healing traditions, complementary medicine, native spirituality, breathwork, and transpersonal psychology. This professional evolution from medical physician to healer is nicely documented including the personal trepidations in risking “coming out of the closet” as a shamanic healer and trusting her gut.

Non-clinicians should not underestimate the courage and commitment it requires for a physician practicing in a conventional clinic or hospital setting to begin speaking about ‘Spirit guides,’ ‘power animals,’ and ‘energy’ to patients.

Topics for which there is little hard evidence in the Western medical literature. Dr. Martin has expanded her personal and professional horizons and understanding by adding new approaches to her successful clinical practice. She gives due recognition to the value that all healing dimensions offer in helping patients and oneself heal. Her process was not one of abandoning Western medicine in favor of an alternative medicine. Instead, she added new dimensions to her understanding of the roots of disease and how healing can happen.

“The matrix provides fodder for deep reflection on consciousness and being.”

The book nicely leads us from her conventional background and clinical education to her examination of energy medicine and shamanism. Paradigms which are extremely popular currently in the West. Dr. Martin shows us the relevance of these and other approaches to her patients struggling with real-world health challenges and seeking a deeper understanding of healing. She provides background and explanation for various healing modalities she employs to create a personalized healing approach for her patients. Patient vignettes from her practice create
clear illustrations of how she came to see what was missing in her Western medical toolbox and what needed to be added to it. The work is readily accessible to both professional healers and the lay public seeking a new approach to their own healing.

The book offers numerous exercises with accompanying explanations of why they were created and how a novice can use them in developing one’s own practice or in healing oneself.

Additionally, the book provides valuable exercises, some of Dr. Martin’s own invention, which may not be familiar to many individuals with previous experience in these metaphysical areas. For example, in the seventh chapter she presents a 3-by-3 matrix she developed representing nine key states of mental being. The matrix provides fodder for deep reflection on consciousness and being. Her discussion of creating healing intention and working in sacred space are important points which many complementary practitioners have not been schooled in.

“…we are privy to real-world examples of how each clinician can apply her approaches as befitting their own personality and practice setting to expand their own toolbox of healing methods.”

I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Martin’s book which brings to light an important new explication of integrative medicine principles applied in a western medicine context which she presents in an effective and compelling text. Through her extensive general clinical experience, we are privy to real-world examples of how each clinician can apply her approaches as befitting their own personality and practice setting to expand their own toolbox of healing methods. There is no doubt that taking the risk to think and move “out of the box” of conventional western medicine will not only benefit our patients but will also facilitate personal growth and healing in the clinician as reflected in Dr. Martin’s beautiful book: Physician, Heal Thyself (Luke 4:23).

David M. Steinhorn, MD FAAP, , Professor of Pediatrics - George Washington University (Retired) Pediatric Critical Care and Hospice Consultant Capital Caring Health Children’s Program Associate Physician Diplomate - UCLA Department of Pediatrics

“Dr. Martin, through personal stories, shows that Western Medicine can blend with shamanic practices to give a more holistic approach to healing. She outlines a clear step-by-step process, through guided meditation, to take control of the healing journey. I recommend this book for any patient that wants to go deeper into healing, but also for medical students and residents that want to step outside the box and see the patient as a whole person.”

Janene Glyn, MD , Hospital physician, medical school faculty, shamanic practitioner

SPIRIT has brought you here to this place at this time

and I am HONORED to be of service to YOU.

I invite you to amplify your connection to the DIVINE,

to DREAM BIG, and to expand into your fullest being.


to awaken that deeper purpose; DREAM BIG, and to help others do the same.

Dr. Sharon Martin - working together, transforming results logo

As a shamanic energy healer and allopathic physician, Doc Martin guides you to your Maximum, calling on all aspects of yourself to step forward into full potential.

“I have known Dr. Sharon Martin for over 15 years. She is a gifted healer, teacher, and shaman. She not only talks the talk but walks the walk.”

Carl Greer, PhD PsyD

My Work is My Passion…

My first loves were and are the creatures of our Earth – two legged, four legged, finned and furred.  I started a traditional way of schooling with a graduate degree in Physiology and medical degree in Internal Medicine. After, I grew to understand that we are at a choice point in our evolution as humans.  Then, I began studying alternative healing, energy medicine, and the esoteric.  We need to expand our consciousness, deepen our respect for Earth, and dream bigger to thrive, not just survive.

Our Passion is Our Pathway…

Any authentic energy healer I know or have read about is deeply connected to the natural world. Its rhythms, its multitude of flora, fauna, and forms. The “linking up” with the unseen, Universal Source, is essential to gain access to a larger wisdom. Most, if not all healers believe in a Force greater than the Human Self. We call this many things: The Higher Self, Universe, Source, God, The Field, etc…


As a physician and shamanic healer, Sharon offers a unique ability to guide you through these challenges. She blends the worlds of traditional Western medicine with the mystical ancient teachings. With this holistic approach, we can look beyond what appear to be significant limitations to shift your destiny and call in a more vibrant life. Your work with Sharon can unlock the challenges facing you, and to find ways to move forward.


Personalized and Customized Sessions


Sharon has trained with global healers and thoughts leaders for over 10 years.

Dr. Sharon Martin assists you to step fully into the power of the Life Force Energy and design your life holistically.

  • Doc Martin has created an original approach to transform lives. She calls it the “The Maximum Medicine Way.”

  • Sharon assists you to step fully into your luminous light body, aligned with the power of the Life Force.
  • People are not “One-Size.” Neither should coaching be “One-Size Fits All.”
  • Shamanic journeying, intuitive messages, and tracking your physical health are some of the approaches Doc Martin uses.


Holistically helping people solve problems and achieve results.


Deepen into your creativity, results, and success.

Dr. Sharon Martin is a gifted teacher and leader, having shepherded many groups to improved outcomes in many disciplines.

  • Guides an individual or team to deepen into their creativity, bringing visions into form.
  • Leads you to maximize performance and create value.
  • Teaches you to avoid nonproductive and limited approaches, allowing expansion of your dreams.

  • Uses her medical, scientific and mystical backgrounds to use comprehensive tools to ramp up clarity, inspiration, vision, teamwork and performance.

Speaker & Seminars

Keynote - Seminar Leader/ Facilitator


Doc Martin delivers, powerful keynotes, webinars, seminars, and team facilitation.

Dr. Sharon Martin is a gifted speaker, knowledgeable in many arenas integrating years of study of science. She will inspire and educate you, and help you to expand your outlook.

  • She draws from her medical, scientific and mystical backgrounds to elevate your thinking and provide insight to improve your path. All with new perspective!

  • For over twenty years, Sharon has provided a powerful catalyst for individuals and organizations to create a vision of the future and clearing to innovate.

Radio Host

Bridging Science and Metaphysics


Live Call-In, Vibrational – Solutions – Healing. Reaching over 100 countries on AM/FM/Podcast stations.

Dr. Sharon Martin brings her seemingly antithetical backgrounds into play on her award-winning shows, Maximum Medicine and The Healing Hour. As a physician and as a shamanic energy healer, she bridges the scientific with the mystical.

  • Syndicated on AM/FM and to over 50 other media outlets.
  • Her guest’s expertise can help shift the listener, from a challenged human journey to one of enlightened action.

  • The Healing Hour is designed to take callers one at a time to offer wisdom to transport them from challenge to full-on living. Call 1-800-930-2819

Schedule a special “Healing Stone reading”

  • As a leader in her field, Dr. Martin has presented both science and metaphysics using the Maximum Medicine Model. She shares the stage with visionaries, thought leaders, cultural creatives, and everyday people who want to maximize life on her hit show, “Maximum Medicine Radio.”
  • Dr. Sharon Martin will assist your company to deepen creativity, bringing visions into form that lead to maximized performance.

  • She teaches you to avoid nonproductive and limited approaches, allowing expanded vision for success and accelerated actions to maximize potential.

  • Doc Martin is a futurist keynote speaker and expert in the fields of science, medicine, and maximizing human performance. She engages audiences to reach deeply into their inner champion and create outstanding outcomes.

  • She delivers a dynamic perspective on topics of widest range bridging science-medicine to spirituality and shamanic healing.


Free Meditations for Radio Listeners

Dr. Sharon Martin records free healing meditations for Maximum Medicine Radio. Tune in live or come back here each month to listen or download.


Ignite The Fire Within…

“Sharon is an exceptional healer, who’s mastery lies in ancestral and past life tracking, clear guidance, the astral and subtle body work – not to mention her knowledge of the physical body. She is a dedicated practitioner who is also a devout lover of animals and the earth, tending to her gorgeous and sacred land in rural Pennsylvania. Her strong earth energy shines through in her divination work with stones”. CC Treadway

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