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Healing is flow, movement, destination. Are you stuck? What is your true destiny line? Learn what choices bring you into healing, and how you can call in all the power of the Universe to act on your behalf. Reclaim your path.

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Meet Sacred Magic Co-Host Dr. Georgia Herrera

Georgia Herrera received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College, in the Bay Area in California. Dr. Georgia has developed a style unique in its approach – one that is light and fun. As a practitioner of Network Spinal Analysis, she guides the body-mind structure to adjust itself for healing.

With love, she is able to encourage the changes needed to live a vibrant and full life. She has lead a beautiful spiritual life since 2001. She attended a Christian mystic school for ten years and developed a deep meditation practice. Dr. Georgia deepened her spiritual training in South America with spiritually rich people and with incredible Shamans in North America and South America.

Dr. Georgia works with the spiritual energy to bring out the best in people with life coaching sessions. She is considered a shaman, a chiropractor, an empath and healer.

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