(I wrote this piece in 2008. And, as I resurrect this writing I am astonished how much has not changed. Today, it is not all about the financial crisis but instead, about COVID-19. But regardless of the outside stressors, the teachings remain true. Return deeply and often to the connection with the Earth and enlist the help of Spirit. Hold our centers and we will survive to thrive).
Whether it’s because you read the Hopi prophecy, or studied the Mayan timeline, or maybe just because you watch the news now and then, you know something is going on. Something big. Bigger than you’ve experience in your life, and life seems more and more changeable. Financial institutions are up and down, turnarounds in politics feel like nose dives in a fighter jet, and the weather cannot seem to decide to be blustery or balmy. Some days you may wonder if you’re in the right life, much less on the right planet.

As indigenous teachings tell, the human species is going through an accelerated phase of evolution, one that is leading us to heightened consciousness, increasing a sense of unity with the Divine, and awakening us to our deep interconnectedness with each other, the Earth, and indeed the Cosmos. The Elders teach us that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”. Modern day mystics teach us that we are manifesting our intentions, as co-creators of our universe.
And, here we sit. Sitting, in our human bodies with our human minds, gripping tightly to the literal world, suspecting the answer is in the mysteries, but not knowing how to translate what we sense into how we live. Sometimes it seems so complicated. I offer some practices to calm our human minds, to reconnect with our true selves, and to hold our center in a tumultuous world.
First, actively seek the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Go play outside. This advice was good when we were kids and good now. Placing our feet on the Earth and merging our energy body with Hers, awakens the connection of our Earth Star Chakra. In this way, we resonate with the crystalline core of the Cosmic Being whose destiny is most entwined with ours. Allow our boundaries to dissolve into a blade of grass, a flower, a pebble. Our heartbeat slows, and calming comes over us, as we beat as one with the Great Mother.
Next, we engage all our levels of perception. Alberto Villoldo teaches the four levels of awareness – the literal, the psychological, the mythic, and the energetic. Take the time to stop and analyze each issue (problem) from the separate perspectives. Suddenly, we see something that was hidden, and a new way comes clear. And, magically, we are more detached from the issue and able to work through it.
The energetic level is the highest level. It is best accessed when we can’t see our way clear, no matter what we do. As Four Winds students, we are taught to “take it to Inca” (Pachakuti Inca being the guardian of this realm). When we send our thoughts and intentions to Inca, we have released our attachment to the outcome, and allowed the Universe to unfold its plan, despite our ignorance. We have surrendered to Spirit, and ask that we clearly receive the answers Spirit might give. The energetic also is the level at which the most profound healing occurs, since a new blueprint for our luminous energy body is downloaded here. As Wayne Dyer says, “there is a spiritual solution for every problem”. Just knowing we can release a problem to the Divine relieves our distress. Then we can receive Spirit’s wisdom.
Discern, discriminate, and define. In this time of spiritual awakening and energy ascension, we get to decide what stays with us and what is unnecessary or unwanted. Trust your inner knowing. If it feels heavy, an energy drain is present. Carolyn Myss reminds us that we are like a battery – something takes our charge, or fills it up. We cannot drain and drain without recharging. Protect your personal power by discerning what serves you and what doesn’t. Discriminate between your pull to repeat a karmic loop or your intention. Be specific on what you want to accompany you into your future. You are a creator and you are manifesting now. You are dreaming your world into being. Dream big.